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Dear friends and colleagues,

Human fertility is at a time of redefinition, in which medicine plays a fundamental role in reproductive matters. The challenge of bridging the infertility gap, in a society that is having more and more problems to reproduce naturally, requires the sharing of advances and continuous training.

Scientific meetings are essential for the development of medicine and therefore we would like to announce the 2nd  IVIRMA Assisted Reproduction Symposium, an ambitious event in content and configured for four key profiles in the field of reproduction: physicians, embryologists,  nurses and geneticists.

In IVIRMA we have developed a four -day program in which to transfer the knowledge of the best specialists in the approach to the infertile patient, from all areas: findings after PGT-A, new experimental therapies for ovarian aging, non-invasive embryo assessment, immunological treatments, or the importance of the endometrium in reproductive success.

Our goal is to continue to offer top-level reproductive medicine events, addressing cutting-edge topics in this field of human reproduction, and to do so with the most renowned international speakers worldwide.

IVIRMA is  the largest Reproduction Medicine group in the world. With locations in the United States, Europe and Latin America, we set the standard in patient care, success rates and research.

Scientific Committee